Liliya’s Story

Who Are We & What Our Goal

People4Animal, Founded with 100% Love and Care by Lilya Kushnir in order to help and assist any kind of animal, That need medical help, home, adopters and most important to give them LOVE.

is an independent nonprofit animal care and recreation organization, We Are Not affiliated with any other Humane Society or national or local animal welfare groups.

People for Animals relies entirely upon private donations, grants, bequests and fund raising events, to care everyday for as much animals as we can and provide them with healthy food, hygen and medicines, Toys and other stuff .

Journey of Liliya

 student in the morning and a cleaning lady in the evening finished the shift with a broken leg. This tragic story took place late Monday night at the Fresco food processing plant at Kibbutz Eilon. Medical and rescue teams were sent to the factory after reporting a worker whose leg was trapped in a factory conveyor belt and managed to rescue the 17-year-old worker, Lilia Kushnir, with a very serious foot injury.The operations officer in the Western Galilee fire service, Amir Levy, said that when rescue teams arrived at the factory, the girl’s leg was stuck between the wheels of the conveyor belt when she was about to be amputated. According to Levy, the rescue teams worked with great sensitivity and cut the machine until the leg was extracted, while the MDA teams were treated by a young woman from Nahariya who was rushed to the hospital in Nahariya.The surgeon, Dr. Michael Assaf, said: “The girl came to us in a very difficult situation after she lost a lot of blood as a result of a severe injury to her leg. The leg was irreversibly damaged online apotek europa, and unfortunately we had to cut it under the knee. The girl is hospitalized in the orthopedic department and is expected to undergo a long rehabilitation process. “In the morning, after the girl began to recover and the family arrived at the ward, it turned out that Kushnir worked in the evening to help support the family. A friend, Omri Biton, 19, from Nahariya, said: “She was a gentle girl who in the morning studied at a school and worked at the factory to help the family, and she called me at night and told me what happened at the factory. “It seems to me that she is still in shock and does not quite understand what happened, and her parents, friends and girlfriends are in her room all the time and we all support her, it’s a tragic case of a girl who barely started life and needs to get used to another way of life atat mobiltelefonabonnemang.”


I Am Strong 

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